Appalachian Outpost is a curated retail store. In addition to many items the owners and our family make ourselves, we purchase many products wholesale from local businesses and allow others to sell on consignment. Our business model is rent free and only earns income on items sold, requiring that we work to sell our makers' goods.

  • Pop-up Shops. All local makers are welcome to host a pop-up shop in our 240 square foot classroom. Pop-ups are similar to booking a craft show or vendor event, generally last one day only, and do not require you be on site as we will process your sales. There is no fee to book, tables are provided and a 20% consignment fee applies. Payment is issued on the 10th or 25th of the month, minimum processing time of 10 days.

  • Contracted Makers. Local makers with approved product regularly available in store are chosen based on the success of their pop-up shop and are issued a three month contract. Contracts are renewed based on sales and ability to maintain stock of both popular items and new ideas. Consignment rate is 20% for month one, 25% for month two and 30% for month three and all renewed term periods thereafter. Checks are issued quarterly for all makers, and monthly if sales exceed $100. Payment is issued via check on the 10th for 1st-last day term periods and on the 25th for 16th-15th term periods. Direct deposit is available for an additional fee.

  • Email to book a pop-up shop at Appalachian Outpost. Or to ask us any additional questions. Please do not inquire at the store or bring inventory in for consideration. Thank you!