Appalachian Outpost is a curated home goods store. In addition to many items the owners make ourselves, we stock the stores only with locally made product. We wholesale quality pantry items from Pennsylvania farmers, bakers & small companies. All other partners at Outpost sell on consignment, making 80% of their sales with zero rent or shelving fees. If you are interested in becoming a partner, you can learn more & apply below!

  • All items sold must be made locally, and are subject to approval by the store owners. Partners are not required to sell exclusively at Appalachian Outpost.

  • Checks will be ready on the 5th of each month and can be picked up during store hours. Income is reported to the IRS & 1099 distributed, tax info is needed prior to approval. Due to credit processing fees paid for by the store, no items under $4 will be considered unless the consignment percentage is adjusted.

  • Approved product may be added, switched or pulled only on days that an owner is running the store. Please schedule an appointment for inventory drops.

  • New inventory is always photographed & shared on social media, partners may provide any details regarding their items and themselves that they would like shared with our customers.

  • Submit the form below or contact us via our social media pages to be considered as a partner with Appalachian Outpost. Photos of your creations along with pricing are required and can be sent to, or sent on facebook or instagram.

Thanks for submitting!